High quality, sustainable seafood.

Providing fresh, high quality seafood to local restaurants, hotels, markets, and consumers at competitive prices.

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Getting fresh, high quality seafood is easier than ever before.

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We Source

Our skilled buyers purchase directly from the boats. No middle men involved insure the product is procured in peak condition from sustainable fisheries.

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We Process

Our highly skilled cutters are able to custom cut fish to your exact specifications. We then scale, bone, ice and package the fish for your convenience.

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We Deliver

Product is packed on ice, and loaded into temperature controlled trucks, insuring our product arrives to your kitchen in pristine condition.

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You Enjoy

Enjoy fresh, harvester-direct seafood at the comfort of your home.

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Popular seafood items near you

Cook with the best ingredients in town.

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King Crab
King Crab
Collosal Legs
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Sockeye Salmon Fillet
Westeross Salmon Fillet
4lb, by the side
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Dayboat Scallop
Dayboat Scallops
10/20, from Point Pleaseant, NJ
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Whole Bronzino
Gilled, Gutted, Scaled
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Manilla Clams
Manilla Clams
2lb Bag
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Atlantic Salmon Fillet
Atlantic Salmon
8oz Portion
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Our Sourcing Guidelines


Focused only traceable products that future generations can enjoy as well.


We work with qualified harvesters and minimal middlemen, to get you the best possible prices.


We only work with carefully selected, reliable harvesters.

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